New Years (Re)Solution?

I'm baaaaack! The past two weeks of vacation were filled with holiday celebrations, moments of reflection, and plenty of mommy and Merle time. If you're feeling curious, check out my Instagram account (link on the right hand side menu -->) for a graphic account of how we spent the holidays. The time left me feeling recharged and energized for the year ahead. 

I generally don't do New Years resolutions, but I always try to start each year with the mindset of trying to be my best self. For better or worse, I keep a running list of things I don't like about my self. I started the habit as a child (age 6 or 7ish) and over time the list has shifted from dietary concerns to physical looks to personality traits being the core of the list. I won't comment on how long the list is, but this year I want to work on building positive mental affirmations to knock off a few items from my list. 

There's no time like the present to start a new habit. Habits are formed by repeating the same thoughts or actions. Over time, the brain or body repeats the thoughts/actions on autopilot. I have a habit of being severely critical of myself. My mind's record player features all of the reasons why I can't do something, why I'm not good enough, and why I deserve it when bad things happen. This year I want to focus on changing the record in use to one that includes positive messaging like I can do it, I'm worth it, and I am in control. Altering thought patterns can feel impossible, just like a new diet or fitness routine, but like anything else, it starts with just one step toward creating a new habit. 

Do you do New Years resolutions? If so what is your resolution this year? 

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