Golden Dino Cupcake Toppers

X is a dinosaur aficionado. Every Christmas, birthday, father's day, etc. I find myself making at least one dinosaur gift. For Christmas this year, I made golden dino ornaments and I used the leftover materials to make cupcake toppers for his birthday. They were simple and inexpensive to make. Merle's birthday party theme this year involved dinosaurs too, so I will be making a lot more of these in the coming months. What's great about this method is that it requires no adhesive, allowing for the toothpicks to be thrown out after being used while saving the golden dinosaur to be used again and again. I used the toppers for cupcakes this time, but they could really be used for any slightly firm food (cheese, fruit, etc). If you're not dinosaur obsessed like our household, there are plenty of other animal options available.


1.5" - 2" plastic dinosaurs (these assorted animals look fund too)
Gold spray paint
Rubber mallet


In a well ventilated area, spray paint all sides of the dinosaurs. Allow to dry outside for several days. Once the dinosaurs are completely dry and no longer smell of spray paint, flip each animal onto its back. Locate either the center of the animals belly (dinosaurs that walk on all fours) or the juncture between the hind legs (dinosaurs that walk upright) and firmly insert a pushpin. Holding the base of the pushpin, use a rubber mallet to hammer the pushpin all the way into the dinosaur. Slowly withdraw the pushpin. Repeat the process for the desired number of dinosaurs. Then gently, but firmly insert a toothpick into each of the holes made. Ta da! Simple as that.

You can vary the density of the spray paint depending on how far or close you spray. I went with fully saturated for most of the dinosaurs, but I let the original colors peek out on a few.

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