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Henley / Jeans / Boots

It has been awhile since I've done a fashion post, but in all honesty they are some of my favorite posts. It's a bit more difficult to photograph myself than to photograph food though and even more trying to get a photo of myself I like. Ha! For today's post, I'm going to skip around that and do a men's fashion post. X and I may not always get along, but I do appreciate that he lets me dress him. Over the past four years, I've slowly replaced his wardrobe. Luckily we have the same tastes, so it's an easy sell. X likes to be comfortable in his clothes, which I think most men (and women) agree with. He and I both prefer classic designs that won't go out of style and can easily be mixed and matched with other wardrobe staples. With men's clothes, even more so than with women's, the key to looking stylish is fit. In my experience, working in retail for years and with significant others, men have a one size fits all mentality. Where many women desire to be an extra small or 0, men like to think they wear a large or extra-large. Having shirt hems hang down to your bottom when they aren't designed that way is not a good look. 

When looking for classics like jeans and t-shirts, the right fit can make the difference between looking sloppy and put together. T-shirts should hit just below the hip and subtly drape over the body. You don't want them to be baggy or on the flip side, too tight (unless it's for going out). The same goes for jeans. I've seen far too many guys wearing over sized jeans that a, make them look heavier, and b, make them look older (dad jeans). Generally speaking, a straight fit, or for the more fashion forward guy, a slim cut, are the way to go. 

The Vintage Straight jeans from Banana Republic X is wearing are a nice midway point between the straight and slim fits. The jeans are fitted in the bum and thigh, but still have plenty of room for easy mobility. I also love the highly saturated wash of the denim. If you want to look polished, you have to go dark. The henley he has on is a cheap one from Old Navy, but again the tailored fit and textured knit, make it look more expensive. The boots are from J. Crew and they are a staple in the cooler months. The brown suede is easy to care for and matches with everything. I also like that the soles aren't overly thick like some men's shoes tend to have. 

This is a simple outfit that X wears regularly, whether he's in class, programming, or running around the park with Merle. While it's just a t-shirt and jeans, he looks more put more thanks to the tailored fit. 

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