DIY Bookends

My first love in life was reading. If I could, I would simply curl up in a chair with a hot beverage and spend my days doing nothing but reading and writing. Over time I've collected quite the library of books and have a hard time parting with any of them. Living in an apartment, it's not always possible to add more bookshelves, some I scatter books around our place on window sills, table tops, and stacked up beneath furniture. Who needs knick-knacks when you can have sexy vampire novels tomes of knowledge covering all flat surfaces? The books are relatively organized, but I have a habit of stacking too many books in one place. Usually I buy inexpensive bookends from Target or Home Goods at $20 to $40 sets to keep the book stacks in place, but when I stack too many together, the bookends inevitably fall over and break. That's because one, I'm putting too much weight on them, and two, they are cheaply made and as massive as the pricier versions. Knowing I needed a better, safer option within my budget, I came up with these simple DIY bookends. At less than two dollars per bookend, this project is a winner.

Makes 2 (1 set)

2 bricks
2 plastic animal figurines (I bought mine at the dollar store)
Metallic spray paint
White spray paint
Hot glue gun plus glue


In a well ventilated area (preferably outside), spray paint the bricks white with at least one coat. Spray paint the animals a metallic color such as silver or gold. Let dry for several hours. Flip the bricks and animals over and spray paint the undersides of each. Allow to dry overnight.

Put a small amount of hot glue on the undersides of the animals (feet or belly depending on the animal) and place it in the center of the brick. The bookends are now ready to use!





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