Weekend Roundup

Ah the last weekend before Christmas is here. It may be filled with last minute Christmas shopping, but try not to get stressed. Take a few moments to appreciate the beauty around you and remember what the holiday is all about. If you're headed for meltdown-ville, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Allowing even a few seconds of disconnect from the sensory overload can be enough to reset mentally. Also try writing yourself a little letter about how you're feeling, so that when next year rolls around, you have a reminder why not to wait until the last minute ;) Here are a few links from around the web to get your holiday started followed by a few pictures from the Annapolis parade of lights last weekend.

60 years of portraits set against a changing China 

For the elf on the shelf fans, 25 reasons the elf forgot to move 

How to keep your goals on track for 2015

The Ikea coffee table phase of life 

How cute are these antlers for topping sweet treats

As much as I love making pickled veggies, I never thought to give them as a gift

Another DIY gift: homemade perfume! I think I might make it for myself :D

Love this Instagram that creates stories about strangers

I can't wait to make these DIY trees

We'll be making this castle for Merle's next birthday party

The boxes with which we label others

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