Paper Tree DIY

I find that this close to the holidays, people are either (a) at work, but stir crazy for the upcoming time off or (b) home with the kids and looking for something to keep the kids occupied while they do prep work. Whether you fit in category a or b, this simple DIY tree is sure to please. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, the tree could set the stage for a winter wonderland. The supplies are simple: paper and scissors. If you want to decorate the tree, markers and/or scrap paper and a glue stock could also be used. The process outlined below can be followed for just about any symmetrical shape like snowflakes or bells. 

Gather the supplies. I used standard letter sized (8.5" x 11") paper in green. Fold the paper in half 'hamburger style.'

Draw the desired shape, in this case a tree.

Cut out the shape. Two trees result from the folded paper. 

Make a single cut half way through one tree, starting at the bottom. With the second tree, repeat the process but start at the top of the tree. 

Decorate if desired. 

Slide the tree with the cut at the top perpendicularly through the tree with the cut at the bottom. 

Ta da! You have a tree. 

The last optional step is creating a base. Use a contrasting color of paper, cut a short strip about an inch and a half in width. On one end of the strip, make a cut half way through the bottom and on the other end, make a cut half way though the top. Curve the strip and connect its ends by interlocking the cut portions. Set the tree on top of the base and make small cuts into the base wherever the tree touches. Gently push the tree down into cuts made. 

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