Matching Flashcard Set for Toddlers

In the toddler gift guide on Monday, I left off matching games. Matching games can be interpreted in many ways, but essentially it is the concept of pairing two items with similar characteristics. There are sets that connect together like puzzle pieces, flashcards, and sequencing kits. For toddlers, matching games are great because they reinforce new sets of information the toddler is learning, like colors, numbers, or letters. Although there are a lot of options on the market, I decided to do a homemade set of matching flashcards to save money. Merle's set includes graphic images, letters, numbers, and colors. It took quite a bit of time to design each image, but I think it was worth the savings. I'm really excited for Merle to open them up on Christmas morning!

White matte photo paper or card stock 
Paper cutter or scissors
Color Printer
Merle's Matching Designs (PDF)

Download the PDF of Merle's matching designs. Print the PDF out double sided on white heavy weight paper like a matte photo paper (I used this) or card stock. Using a paper cutter or scissors, cut down the middle of the paper longways. Stack the paper and cut down the middle of paper the opposite direction. From that cut edge, measure two and a half inches inward and cut the paper again. Repeat with the other half. Trim a half inch off the far edge of the paper. Continue the process until all the flashcards are cut out. The finished cards measure 4.25" x 2.5" each.

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