Fireplace DIY


When I envision the holidays, I picture family gathered around a fireplace sipping on warm beverages with holiday lights sparkling and snow cascading down outside. We live in a one bedroom apartment with no fireplace in sight, but I couldn’t pull myself away from the idea of having one during the holiday season. There are some portal options available that only require an outlet, but they still take up space, which is at a premium in our apartment. Instead I decided to create a faux fireplace using metallic contact paper adhered directly to a wall. While it is certainly no substitute for the real thing, it provides a cozy and inviting backdrop where Merle and I can curl up to read books before bedtime and hang up our stockings for Santa :) It definitely helps bring the holiday spirit into our home.

Measuring tape or ruler
Hard yet flexible object for smoothing (I used a board book)
Garland (optional)
Ornaments (optional)

Approximately five minutes

Before getting out supplies, decide where to place the fireplace and visualize how large you want the fireplace to be. Measure out your vision of the size in its intended space. Record the dimensions measured. My fire place is blank inches tall and thirty six inches wide.

The contact paper cones with measurement guides printed on the back. Cut two identical end pieces the length of the desired fireplace height and a width of roughly one third the length. Cut a third piece the same width as the end pieces, but with a length equal to the desired fireplace width minus the width of the two end pieces. 

Once the dimensions are cut, the installation is the easiest part. Hold one of the end pieces in position and slowly remove part of the contact paper's backing. Press the top edge of the paper onto the wall. Check to make sure it the edge looks level. Use an object with a flat surface to smooth out any bubbles. Continue removing the papers backing, smoothing as you go. 

Repeat the process with the center piece and again with the second end piece. Use helpers if needed.

To bring the fireplace into three dimensions, use pushpins to secure objects above the fireplace as one normally would with a mantle. In this case, I used garland and ornaments picked up at the Dollar Tree. 

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