Elegant Bow DIY


I take a lot of pride in how I wrap gifts. At the beginning of the holiday season, I spend a lot of time thinking about the theme of my gift wrapping for the year. Last year featured metallic blues and silvers with silk ribbons and delicate snowflake ornaments. One tool I reach for again and again is wire trimmed ribbon. Once you know the process, it's easy to make the extravagant bows that top gifts on TV. While it can be expensive to buy premade versions,  it's relatively inexpensive to buy the ribbon and make the bows at home. I typically buy my ribbon at the dollar store, but JoAnn Fabrics was running a sale with seventy percent off holiday gift wrapping, including wire trimmed ribbon, so I bought large rolls (12 yards) for only a couple of dollars. If you still need wrapping supplies, I suggest checking out their sale. The gift bags pictured below were only 89 cents each!

The starting point: wire trimmed ribbon

Fold the ribbon down roughly six inches. Repeat the process as many times as desired.
Each fold creates two loops in the bow. To top gift bags, I only fold it over three to four
times and for gift boxes, I like to fold it over eight to ten times.
Cut the ribbon from the spool. Procure a short length of wire or a paperclip.
If using a paperclip, open it up fully.
Wrap the paper clip/wire around the center of the ribbon bundle.
Continue wrapping all of the wire tightly around the ribbon.
This is when it starts to look like a bow.
Pull out each of the folds in the ribbon, so that the loops are visible.
Use your fingers to fluff each of the loops.
Ta da!
Use the loose ends of the ribbon to tie the bow to a gift.
            Once tied, use the loose ends to wrap around any visible wire.              


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