Weekend Roundup

The family picture I mentioned earlier this week
What are you up to this weekend? X's parents are in town for the weekend, so Merle is very excited to spend the next few days with her YiYi and NaiNai. It's always a bit of a challenge for me with the language and cultural barrier, but I'm glad Merle gets to have time with the other half of her family. We will also get to savor a lot of delicious homemade Chinese food :)  Here are a few links from around the web to get your weekend started.

See there's a good reason why I refuse to turn out the heat! 

As an Ivy League grad, this article perfectly sums up my college experience 

According to research the amount of happiness in most peoples lives follows a U shaped curved. Are you at a low point?

My grandmother introduced me to the no-bake jailbird cake years ago and it is so simple and so so good. 

An oldie but a goodie: how to remove salt stains from leather boots 

Loving this birth announcement idea. I would change the font though. 

No one does boots quite like Ralph. Loving these two texture riding boots and casual booties

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