Weekend Roundup

We made it!  After a really tough week, I'm so happy for it to be Friday. Our nanny quit with no notice last Friday, so we've been desperately scrambling to find a new child care solution. X and I took time off the past few days to take care of Merle, but as of last night, the problem is solved. No one ever said raising a child would be easy :) I plan on catching up on sleep the next few days, or at least as much as Merle allows me to. The chilly weather will be perfect for snuggling. Here are a few links of inspiration from around the web to get the weekend started.

Compund butters are one of the easiest food DIYs out there. I love the idea of making different flavors to give as holiday favors.

Coming from a family of drinkers, I will definitely be using one or more of these large batch cocktail recipes this holiday season 

Pennsylvania does have some odd foods, but watching west coasters try them for the first time is pretty funny. 

This blog continues to make me wish I had studio space for large scale crafting, like this giant lightup snowflake.

One of my favorite blogs, Say Yes!, designed a small collection of girls clothing. How cute is the little red riding hood cape?

Finally jeans specifically designed for jacked people. Pinejawn rejoice :) 


  1. I'm so sorry your sitter quit! How rude :-/ but on the other hand I like the last link you have, about barbell jeans. I followed them when they were a kickstart company. I don't really love just how much the pants are. $150 for a pair of jeans just isn't worth it. I typically end up wearing leggings to be comfortable.

    1. It is pricey, but start-ups don't have the luxury of scale when it comes to bargaining with suppliers for materials cost. But if they don't have enough customers paying the hefty prices in the beginning, they can't grow. We're all about start-ups in our house, but I'm sad to say sometimes we go with the big box stores when we aren't able to compromise on price.