Weekend Roundup

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Any fun plans for the weekend? I'm going to see Gone Girl and can't wait to find out how the movie ends (I hear it's different from the book). I'm also planning plenty of fall weather cuddles with Merle, puddling jumping, and maybe a couple of fall baking projects. Here are a few links from around the web to get the weekend started. Enjoy!

Everything you want to know about picking the right pumpkin, carving it, and cooking it.

Now that Merle's potty trained, we're in the market for a night light to help guide her to the bathroom. I like this one and this one. What do you think?

A low cost costume solution: DIY paper masks.

I am so jealous of this beautiful Connecticut farmhouse.

Really looking forward to making this thai celery salad this weekend.

Love the idea of an articles club (versus a book club). How fun!

This list may not include my favorite book growing up (The Rainbow Fish and the orginal), but the descriptions of what your favorite childhood book says about you are hilarious. 

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