Toddler Cold Remedies

PuffsPlus Vicks Distilled Vinegar / Nosefrida Jammies & Slippers /
Vicks Waterless Vaporizer Disposable Straw Cups / Honest Company Body Oil Healing Balm
I try to go medicine free as much as possible, especially when it comes to sweet little Merle. With a cold in full swing, these are the products getting Merle (and I) through the long days and nights.

First things first. When Merle's nose is running like a leaky faucet, the most important thing is to remove the snot, so it doesn't slide down her throat and make her feel worse. We've gone through two tissue boxes in the past few days. My favorite are the Puffs Plus with Vicks, because they're soft on skin, leak resistant, and the Vicks scent helps the snot keep flowing. Merle's not also the best at blowing her nose, she's young still, so sometimes we resort to our infancy favorite, the Nosefrida. It may look gross to suck your child's boogers out, but trust me, it works better than any other nasal aspirator out there.

During the day, I boil a little vinegar and stand over the pot with Merle. The smell is intense, but it clears out any lingering congestion. I also pump her full of water (only, no milk) in disposable cups. When a cold rolls through our house, I prefer to dispose of anything that could encourage germs to linger. At night, I give her a warm bath to again help with congestion. Afterwards I lather her up with Honest Company's body oil plus the Healing Balm for any rashes or especially dry patches. Merle is prone to dry skin when she gets sick.

Cozy organic pjs and slipper socks help keep her warm and the breathable fabric prevents overheating. Hanna Andersson does kids pjs best. I also use an extra pillow to help prop her head up to keep the boggers flowing in the right direction. As soon as Merle lays down for the night, I plug-in the Vicks Waterless Vaporizer. It helps gives us all a better nights sleep.

Fortunately Merle seems to be on the up swing. I think Mommy deserves this when it's all over.

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