Make a Throw Pillow in Under 30 Seconds

I don't know if it's just me, but I love pillows. It feels so good to snuggle up with one. But sometimes I need an extra pillow in bed and sometimes I want one while hanging out on the couch. Here's how I temporarily convert a bed pillow into a throw pillow for a more polished look when lounging outside the bedroom. 

To start, all that is needed is a bed pillow (this is a European sized one) and a standard pillow case. 

Fold the pillow in half. 

Insert the pillow into the pillowcase, folded edge down. 

Tuck the excess pillowcase fabric in between the two halfs of the pillow. 

Then be prepared to cuddle! Pull out the pillow and straighten it if you want it to be a bed pillow again. 

My lovely photography assistant prop styling in a Gap tee and leggings

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