How to Make a Bun with No Hairtie

Hairties. No matter how many I buy, I always seem to be scrounging around look for one. For afternoons at the office when I can't manage to find any, here's how I get my hair under control. I'm breaking the process down step by step, but it takes under thirty seconds to do with no mirrors needed. It doesn't create the tighest hold ever, so it wouldn't work for say a long run. For a day at the office or low impact activities like yoga, etc. this works perfectly.

Step 1: Rake fingers through hair and create a ponytail.

Step 2: Hold the base of the ponytail and twirl the loose hair around a finger on the opposite hand.

Step 3: Tightly twirl the hair down to the tips.

Step 4: Twist the ponytail around the base in a circular pattern.

Step 5: Continue until nearly all of the ponytail iswrapped into a bun. Leave two to three inches at the tips.

 Step 6: Insert the thumb and forefinger through the hole at the center of the bun.

 Step 7: Pull the remaining two to threee inches of loose hair through the center of the bun.

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