A New Look for Abercrombie

You may or may not have heard that Abercrombie and Fitch rebranded itself. A&F was the hot brand everyone wanted to wear in high school, but by the time I got to college, people were looked down on if they wore Abercrombie clothes. My freshman year roomate and I still secretly loved the brand, but it was hard to get away with wearing it, because an obnoxiously large moose or A&F was stamped on every item the company made. After more than a few non-PC comments from the leader of the frat-pack, A&F's CEO Mike Jeffries, the brand continued the slide to loser land. Six years later, the company has finally rebranded itself with the cheesy logo business removed. They also reportedly turned the lights on in stores, limit the usage of fragrance, and lowered the music volume. All the stores near us shut down, so I can't attest to it, but apparently the stores are enjoyable to shop in now. What I can say, is that the new clothing looks fashionable and there are a quite a few pieces that I'm considering adding to my wardrobe (no joke).  With collections like Midnight Garden, Folkloric Bohemian, and In Black and White, it's definitely not the A&F you remember from highschool.

Jogger Sweats

Tatum Cardi

Quilted Parka

Midi Skirt

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