5 Ways to Improve Your Period

Have you seen any of the anti-period memes? My favorite is the one above. While it’s a far cry from reality, I bet a lot of women would prefer a text to a monthly period. Such is the life of a woman. After some google research, I’ve come up with the top 5 ways to improve periods. Use these five tips to keep your period’s biggest woahs at bay and make the misery associated with ‘that time of the month’ a thing of the past.

1.       Drink more water
Contrary to popular belief, drinking water actually combats bloating. Dehydrated cells retain water more readily than hydrated cells, so you’ll want to keep your body adequately quenched by drinking extra water during your period to avoid bloat-causing water retention. I've used this intel since collge and I have very little to no bloating each month, plus the extra water makes my skin look healthier. Be warned, you’ll be heading to the restroom more often.

2.       Eat more coniferous vegetables
Coniferous vegetables like broccoli and spinach are rich in fiber, vitamins like B6 and E, and minerals like iron that help your body process the excess estrogen released during your period. The faster your body processes the estrogen, the faster you can get back to normal life (with fewer hormonal breakouts). The extra iron also helps reduce the effects of period induced anemia.

3.       Eat less salt and refined sugar
If you experience bothersome bloating during your period, avoid salt the week leading up to and the week of your period. Cells overloaded with sodium hoard water causing bloating. With the opposite effect of veggies, refined sugars slow down your body’s processing of estrogen, which can extend the duration of periods. Do yourself a favor and step away from the Oreos.

4.       Exercise
Raise your hand if you feel like exercising when you’re on your period. Anyone? Yea, me neither. BUT exercising reduces bloating while producing endorphins that both provide energy and curb PMS related mood swings.

5.       Try herbal (raspberry leaf) tea

I swear by Traditional Medicinal’s Healthy Cycle tea (formerly named Female Toner tea). With a blend of herbs including raspberry leaf, this tea gently stimulates the uterus to contract, causing a reduction in cramps and reducing the length of periods. Because of this, women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant should avoid raspberry leaf. 

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