Wallpaper Fantasy

Lately I've been daydreaming about living in a brightly lit home on the West Coast with sounds of the sea echoing in the background. In my fantasy, the walls are mostly white with a few accent walls featuring intensely colored wallpaper. Yes wallpaper. It has come along way since the dowdy floral prints of yesteryear.  Here are a few removable (!) wallpaper prints that have me swooning.

An oversized floral wallpaper makes a big statement.

Polka dots look great in a kids room, but I could also see it in a peppy guest room.

A wallpaper with texture? Yes!
No matter where I go, I'll always be a city girl at heart.
This playful city scape wallpaper  could be taken anywhere. 
Tree wallpaper: just another way to bring the outside in.
Speaking of the outside coming in, how eye catching is this animal print?

And for when you can't have your ideal view (welcome to Philadelphia), try a photographic mural.
Now this is a view I would enjoy waking up to. 

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