The Best of Fall for Men

We've talked about new season buys for women and toddlers, but I haven't shared my recommendations for the stylish male readers of this blog. In my experience, guys, even more than women, want quality products that no one else will have. I've got two new companies to add to your must buy list for fall and the upcoming holiday season with products that will make you swoon.

First up, Goods of Record. Founded by two Wharton MBA students and a designer, Goods of Record sells bespoke men's goods made in America. They find the best undiscovered craftsmen in the country and share his or her story along with every product sold. The photography and videos on the site are beautiful, so it's worth a look, even if you don't think you're in the market for men's products. Trust me, you will be after looking at it. All the products would make great additions to your everyday style, but if I had to chose just two, my favorites, shown above, would be the Live Edge iPad Stand by J Birchfield and the Weekender Duffle by TM1985 (this would definitely be an upgrade from X's Penn Athletics duffle with broken zippers ^_^).

Next up, Olive Labs. Built by a team of industrial designers and Wharton MBA students, Olive Labs brings you wearable technology that identifies when you're stressed and helps guide you away from the danger zone and into a more relaxed state. Who doesn't need this?! Their first design is a bracelet that they've spent years (!) perfecting and let me tell you, it's a wearable device that actually looks good. This product is so fresh, you can't view it or buy it unless you sign up for their listserv.

Any other recommendations for upcoming products for men?

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