DIY Twine Wrapped Planter

To recycle or to upcycle, that is the question. I view it as a challenege to upcycle whenever possible (like here and here) and today's target is an empty liter club soda bottle. I had been eyeing up a few pricey hanging planters, but I thought, hey, I could just make one instead with this empty bottle. With the addition of garden twine from a dollar store and a hot glue gun, it came together quickly, easily, and cost next to nothing.

Step 1: Trim the bottle to the desired height using scissors. The easiest way to do this is by squeezing the bottle until a flat surface is formed. The first cut across the bottle will be uneven, but you can trim a smoother edge after the top is cut away. Remove any labels and thoroughly wash and dry the bottle.

Seriously the best glue gun ever!

Step 2: Heat up that glue gun baby! Meanwhile cut six long strips of twine to be used as the hanging portion (length = (how low you want the planter to hang x 2) + (the height of the bottle x 2) + a few extra inches to account for the base of the bottle and the knot at the top). Separate the strips of twine into two groups of three. Lay each group down the center of the base of the bottle, so the groups form an X. Glue the twine down.

Step 3: Pull the long strands down the sides of the bottle and tuck them into the open end of the bottle. Beginning at the base of the bottle, wrap twine, pulled directly from the spool, around the bottle and over the long strands, gluing as you go. Continue gluing and wrapping until the entire bottle is covered.

Step 4 (optional): If desired, glue small spirals of twine around each ridge at the base of the bottle.

Step 5: Lay the bottle on its side and extend the long strands that were glued down in the beginning. Braid the strands leaving several inches upbraided on each end (the end where the plant will be and the end where the planter will be hooked). At the far end, create a loop around your fingers and double knot the loose strands to the braided portion.

And ta da! you have a new hanging planter. One thing to note: the glue gun is hot and the bottle is plastic. If you hold the gun against the plastic too long, the plastic will warp and eventually melt. As long as you don't burn a hole in the bottle, this is ok and adds character to the shape. This project took about 15 minutes to complete and cost less than $1 in supplies. The same process could also work for hanging fruit bowls. That's next on my project list :)

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