DIY Teddy Bear Outfit

Merle has a teddy bear named Dr. P who goes everywhere with us. Whether we're headed to the park, a restaurant, or on the train, Dr. P comes with us. He even showed up in the latest set of professional photos we had taken of Merle. He was the first toy Merle picked out for herself. Named after one of our chemistry professors in college (yup we're that cool), Dr. P normally wears a little t-shirt that says 'somebody at Penn loves me.' The t-shirt and Dr. P himself have seen better days. His fur is matted and the shirt is misshapen from being tugged along. I finally decided to do something about and made a new set of clothes for Merle's teddy. I hacked together the outfit by downsizing one of Merle's existing shirts that she outgrew. It's not the most polished or professional looking sew job, but with ten minutes time and free materials, it was sufficient for Dr. P :)

Here's Dr. P in Merle's shirt

Trim off the excess bodice and sleeve material.

Turn the shirt inside out and pinch the back of the shirt together until it's snug around the teddy's neck.
Pin the fabric together and then remove from the stuffed animal. Sew down the back of the shirt.
Once sewn, trim off any excess fabric. 

Put the shirt back on the stuffed animal. Pull the shirt taught across the teddy's belly and then arms.
Pin into place and then remove the shirt from teddy.

Here's where you'll sew.

Ta da! 

You may end up with a little bit of a linebacker look.
The shirt is for a stuffed animal, so I'm going to say it's ok.

But if you wanted to, you could go back and further tightening the neck/shoulder area. 

Still with me? You can create pants from the excess sleeve and back of the shirt material.

The excess material from the back of the shirt gets wrapped around like a diaper and then the sleeves act as pant legs.

Turn the material inside out with the printed sides facing each other.
Pin and sew a complete circle, connecting the bottom portion to the leg portion.

Dr. P loves his new outfit!

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