Toddler Tantrums

We're pretty lucky with Merle. She rarely throws tantrums (although she has her moments) and we often get complimented while out and about on how well behaved she is. I'm here to share my not-so-secret tip for avoiding toddler tantrums. Instead of struggling to find a separate activity to engage your tot constantly, make him or her apart of all that you do. I find that most fits during the two to three year old range come from not feeling a part of the action and an inability to adequately express the resulting frustration.

Whether the activity is big or small, there's almost a way they can participate. For example, when it's time to cook dinner, have your toddler prep veggies by tearing them with their hands (lettuce, green beans, etc) or dice soft fruits using a butter knife. In these photos, Merle helped set up the tripod for blog photos and then had time at the end to take selfies (yes, my two year old loves taking selfies). When I can't think of a creative way to get Merle involved in an activity, counting, I spy, and color identification work well too. If all else fails, an impromptu singalong while I do something that's not toddler safe will almost always prevent a fit in the making.

Do you have any tips to reduce tantrums with your little one?

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