Shake and Make Ice Cream

Nothing works quite as well as ice cream to soothe summer heat waves. I'm not a big sweets person (maybe it's my bitter personality ha!), but even I love ice cream. A fun activity for summer parties or family camping trips is to make ice cream. No ice cream maker or special supplies needed. Simply mix up the liquid ingredients in a small sealed bag and insert it into a larger, ice filled bag and shake, shake, shake.The secret to shake and make ice cream is the combination of salt in ice, which lowers the melting point of the ice, causing the interior bag to freeze quickly. The bag becomes extremely cold while shaking, plus it's tiring on the arms, so it's good to pass the bag around between multiple people. At parties it's a win-win because it cools you down and forces anti-social people like me to talk to others. Feel free to mix up the liquid ingredients and bag the ice in advance, but don't combine the ice and salt until you're ready to go. Without further ado, here's the recipe. 

Shake and Make Ice Cream
Serves 1-2

1/2 cup half and half
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/2 tsp sugar
3 cups ice
1/3 cup salt

In a quart sized ziplock bag, combine the half and half, vanilla, and sugar. Seal tightly, removing as much air as possible. Give the bag a good shake to mix the ingredients well. In a gallon sized ziplock bag, combine the ice and salt. Again seal tightly and shake the contents to mix well. Then open the gallon sized bag, insert the smaller sealed bag in the center of the ice and close the exterior bag. Shake vigorously for five to eight minutes or until the creamy mixture reaches the desired thickness.

Word to the wise, the outside of the interior bag gets wet and salty* from being incased in the ice-salt mixture. Your hands will get salty if you touch it, so either (a) eat the ice cream while it's still wrapped in the ice, (b) empty the ice cream into a new bowl, or (c) don't stick your salty hands into the interior bag. This warning is for you dear sister mine :D

*that's what he said!

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