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Have you heard about CSA boxes? CSA stands for community supported agriculture. Filled with a set number of fruits and veggies, these boxes feature the freshest ingredients from local farms. What comes in the box is not identified in advance, so the farmers can pick whatever items are ripest in a given week. They typically use a subscription model with deliveries and/or pickups weekly or bi-weekly. 

I love the idea of CSAs. You're supporting local farmers, eating peak season organic produce with maximum nutrient content (which is also better for the land), and it's convenient. The downsides? My first hesitation came from the subscription model. I didn't want to commit to three months worth of deliveries or pay a few hundred dollars up front. FreshDirect, the grocery delivery service I swear by, solved this problem by selling CSA boxes on demand, meaning you can order a single box whenever desired. Seriously, FreshDirect makes being a working mom 100 times easier and helps me be a better consumer by offering a wide variety of organic, environmentally-friendly, and nutritious products. Right now they have a promotion running for free delivery in the Philadelphia area until the end of the summer. 

FreshDirect may have solved the subscription issue, but the other hesitation I had was not knowing in advance what was coming in the box. I ordered the larger Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA box, which came with five certified organic local vegetables, a dozen local eggs from pasture-raised chickens, a half-pound of cheese from a Lancaster County cheese maker, one pound of plain organic farmstead yogurt from Seven Stars Farm and a half-pound of local organic mushrooms for $49.99. I preferred this option because at the very least I knew I could make meals with the yogurt, cheese, mushrooms, and eggs. The veggies ending up being beets, cabbage, pickling cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and agretti. 

I had never seen/heard of agretti before so it was exciting to try something new and I liked the other selections as well. It also felt great to be supporting local agriculture. All in all I was happy with the box, but the control freak in me could not get over having to wait until the box arrived to plan meals for the week. Plus the nearly $50 price point left little room in the budget for additional items. I think I will stick with shopping at farmer's markets and ordering from local suppliers on FreshDirect

What about you? Have you ever participated in a CSA subscription? I would love to hear your opinions. Comment below or join the discussion on Facebook, Twitter, or google+

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