Tulle Door Sign

I have a confession to make. While many of you know me as a neat freak who can't live with clutter (which is true), I'm also a craft supply hoarder. When I look at the remnants of one craft project, all I can think of is the next project on the horizon that could make use of the scraps. The time available for crafting is far less than the amount of supplies available, so I end up with small piles of project remnants all over our desk, waiting to be used. After making tutu skirts for Merle's birthday party, I've had scraps of tulle floating around the apartment for months and the mess was driving me a little crazy. Just when I was ready to throw them out, I came up with the idea for a tutu inspired door sign using garden fencing scraps that were also waiting to be used. This was a win-win because it was also incentive to finally take the Christmas wreath off the front door :D

Tulle (or other scrap fabric)
Wooden letter (I bought it at JoAnn Fabrics)

Very little instructions are need for this project. Essentially what happens is weaving the tulle through the grid provided by fencing. No set length of tulle is needed, which makes this project perfect to use up scraps. Knot the tulle to the grid with the start and end of each piece. Create the loops of tulle by alternating between entering the squares of the grid from the front and then the back. The tighter the tulle is pulled through, the smaller the loop will be. 

To attach the wooden letter, I wrapped the plastic hanger (the one that is glued to the top of the letter for craft stores to use to hang them up) around the outer edge of the fencing and tied additional tulle around the hanger to keep it in place. After the L was attached, a short length of tulle was tied to two adjacent squares on the fencing, which created a loop that allows the door sign to be hung up. I stuck with a rectangular shape for our sign, but the fencing could easily be cut into any desired shape, such as a circular wreath. The letter could also be painted or modge podged. I picture a floral print or chevron. Overall this was a quick, easy, and cheap project and I highly recommend giving it a try! If you do, share your pics on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram.

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