Summer Beauty Basics

My beauty routine is usually pretty simple, but that it is especially true during the hot summer months. I spend a few minutes total applying makeup for the day with a handful of relatively inexpensive products. 

L'Oreal Paris Magic BB Cream in Light
I'll start out with a disclaimer. I have naturally oily skin. This BB cream is relatively dry, lightweight, and provides heavy coverage using only a pea-sized amount. That means it's perfect for me, especially in the summer when I'm prone to each greasiness. Note that if you have dry skin, this probably isn't the product for you.

Sonia Kashuk Eye Definer in Iced Coffee
A rich brown shade with speckled with nearly imperceptible golden flecks. It's significantly cheaper than the Laura Mercier eyeliner I use during the cooler months, but in the summer time when sweat, swimming, and other activities cause more frequent makeup redos, I prefer to use less expensive options. 

This is a basic, cheap mascara. I bought a two tube pack for under $4 on clearance at Target. Honestly, I've never found a mascara that wows me, so as long as it makes my eyelashes look fuller without being clumpy, I'm content. 

Ulta Kohl Eyeliner in Brown 
When I first wanted to try the bold brow trend, I didn't want to spend money buying brow tools that I may only use once. Instead I used an unopened eyeliner to give the appearance of a fuller brow. I've decided I love the look, but it's a few months later and I still having bought specific brow lining pencils or brushes. With a light touch, it seems to be working the same for me! Yes, I'm cheap. 

This is my year round blush. I use it more sparingly in the summer, because there's often a natural flush on my cheeks from the heat. The blush is a blend of two colors and goes on relatively sheer, which lends the glow-from-the-inside look and prevents a thick line of visible blush. 

I rotate through three lip balms: Blistex Medicated, Honest Company's shimmer lip balm (sold out), and Burt's Bees tinted lip balm, which is what I'm currently wearing. For the summer I like Petunia and in the cooler months I like the darker Hibiscus shade

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