Fall Fashion Budgeting

The apple of my fall fashion eye: BR Monogram Faux-Leather Shift Dress + the must have shoes of the season

Ah, fall. The best fashion season of the year. You can layer without sweating (summer), but you don't need so many layers that you end up looking a dough ball (winter). Whether it's because of this or because I loved back to school shopping so much as a kid, I make most of our clothing purchases for the year during the late summer, early fall. Each year I have a few trendy items that I want and a few staple items that "need" updating in my wardrobe. I say need in quotes here because I certainly don't need anything when it comes to clothing, although it may feel like it. Here are the five steps I go through when planning my fall fashion spending.

1. Start by making a realistic budget based on what you can afford and what clothing costs.

2. Then make two lists outlining the wants and needs. Seeing the completed lists serves as a reminder to not overspend on any one item (cough* leather shift dress *cough).

3. This is where online window shopping/deal stalking comes in handy. Don't buy an item just because you're in the store and you love it. Sign up for the stores mailings and wait, wait, wait until there's a good promotion going on. If it's a department store item available at multiple stores, set up google alerts for when the item reduces in price any where online (yes, I'm serious).

4. I'd like to say I buy the needs and then consider the wants with what is left of the money. But invariably an impractical want (afore mentioned leather dress) becomes a need and I realize some practical needs were just wants. You'll need to do your own internal math here.

5. The last step here is key. Once the budgeted amount of money is spent, stop. Don't purchase anything else. If you need to, take temptation out of the equation by unsubscribing from retailers' email lists and avoiding the mall. 

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