DIY J.Crew Skirt

A few years back I fell in love with these skirts at J.Crew that had a stretching elastic waistband with ruffle detailing and a bell shape. The skirts were insanely comfortable and were feminine without being over the top. I bought two of them, a blush pink velvet version and gold sequin one. I'm ashamed to admit how much I spent on them (but hey it was college!), but seriously would have bought every fabric, print, and color it came in if I could have. Fast forward a few years and they are still two of the most prized items in my closet. When I got my sewing machine at Christmas time, I was determined to recreate my beloved skirt. Using the tutorials here and here, I finally did! I went for my favorite fabric, chambray (this material was perfect, loved this printed one too), which is lightweight and breathable for warmer months. I also made the skirt a bit longer than the original to make it more mom and work-friendly. The project took a couple of hours to complete and was fairly simple, even for a novice sewer. I see many more of these skirts coming for Merle and I.

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