Save the Bees

Lately I've been obsessed with the idea of urban beekeeping. How cool would it be to raise bees and have fresh, ultra local honey? There are all kinds of contraptions available now that make beekeeping easier in compact spaces like balconies and rooftops. Colony collapse disorder, aka vanishing bee syndrome, is reducing the world bee population by up to 75% according to some reports. With fewer bees, fewer plants are fertilized. One third of fruit and vegetable plants require bee pollination, meaning these plants will go extinct with their insect helpers. But what exactly is colony collapse disorder you ask? It refers to when little to no adult bees are present in the hive leaving the queen bee and newborn bees to fend for themselves, which of course they can't. This might be a good outcome for highschoolers a la Mean Girls, but it's not a good sitch for bees. 

Researchers think a common pesticide known as neonicotinoids may be to blame (other countries have begun banning the pesticide, but the US still oks its use).  CCD is calling people into action and the number of at home beekeepers has been on the rise. If you're not up for beekeeping, you can also help by planting bee friendly plants like lavender, cilantro, geraniums, and sunflowers or put your money where your mouth is and buy organic produce, effectively saying no to companies who use pesticides. 

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