Organic Kids Clothing

Ever since I got pregnant with Merle, I've tried to reduce exposure to chemicals in daily life. That means I buy organic food, use green cleaners, and use plant-based, compostable diapers for Mer. I also try to incorporate this into clothing choices for Mer, but organic clothes can be unstylish, hard to find, and often carry a much bigger price tag. For the most part, Merle's clothes are either hand me downs (still an eco friendly option, right?) purchased on sale from Old Navy and babyGap, or stylish gifts from her aunties working in the fashion industry (thank you!).  With a little bit of recon (read: wardrobe updating for summer), I've found three great options for organic children's clothing. 

This Swedish brand is an expert in quality children's play wear. They offer an Eco line made with organic materials and just like the rest of their collection, these items can stand up to years of abuse from a few rough and tumble kids. Another bonus is that most of the items are designed to be unisex, meaning they work for child number one and number two and ... regardless of gender differences. And these aren't the normal bland unisex clothes that look bad on both sexes; these are stylish unisex clothes. The downside? The price reflects the quality. Their main competitor is Hanna Andersson, which has a slightly lower price, but also lower quality (still on the premium end of the scale though).

Yup the staple brand for toddlers clothing also offers organic options. What exactly they have varies each season whether it's a full line of organic choices or just pjs like right now. Like the adult brand, babyGap is almost always having a sale, so wait for a good deal before picking these up.

Burt's Bees has baby clothes? Yes, they do! It's a relatively new addition to the brand (it's actually owned by an independent licensee). All of their clothing, bedding, towels, etc are made from organic materials (predominately cotton). Even the tags on the items and hangers they come on are recyclable. The designs are adorable and so is their branding work. Their pricing is also the lowest on this list with quality similar to babyGap. I can't wait to buy more from this brand. 

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