Mini Feta Peppers

What is it about mini versions that make them so cute?! It works for puppies, kittens, and babies, but also food items like mini peppers. I feel the need to pick up a bag or two when they go on sale just because they're so adorable. I end up keeping them in the fridge for awhile, thinking I'll come up with some creative way to use them, but instead, I usually chop them up like regular peppers. Boring. 

Last weekend I finally tried something a little more exciting and stuffed them with feta. I can't even claim it's a recipe, because it was just the peppers with a little feta pressed in, rolled in olive oil, and baked at 400 for 20 minutes. They were simple, delicious, and had an unmistakable cuteness factor. I ate them by themselves and on top of a salad. I could also see this being used as a party appetizer, because they're bite sized and a lot less messy than the large versions. 

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