Drugstore Spa Finds

Last weekend I was fortunate to spend a day at the The Spa at the Hershey Hotel (yes like the chocolate company). It was my first spa experience and it was so nice to have a mellow, stress-free day to myself, thanks to X who watched Merle and to my dad who bought me a gift certificate for Christmas circa 2006. FYI I'm a gift card hoarder. For the first few hours, I alternated between the indoor pool and whirlpool before heading up to the quiet room for snacks like various trail mixes, muffins, fruit infused waters and a cup of tea. Then I went for my scheduled appointment, the Rose Garden massage, which was 50 minutes of heaven. If you're interested, here's the description: "This massage is a fusion of Eastern and Western massage styles and incorporates chakra balancing, spinal pressures, muscle release, lymphatic drainage, and fluid balance. This diverse experience is enriched by traditional aromatherapy massage techniques targeted for stress-related symptoms. By releasing tension and helping to rebalance the body, you will feel renewed and revitalized. "Afterwards we got to enjoy lunch in a luxurious dining room while still in cozy robes. A brief stint in the aromatherapy room finished off the day. Well that and a stop at the outlet stores. 

While a decadent day at the spa isn't something I can afford regularly, I'm making a conscious effort to pamper myself more frequently (after Merle's bedtime of course).  A few easy and inexpensive DIY spa experiences are manicures and pedicures, soaking baths, and aromatherapy. They don't require an extra set of hands or create much noise, which are essential for nighttime pampering. The other bonus is that all of the supplies needed can be picked up at a drugstore on the way home from work if they aren't already in your bathroom. A bundle of these supplies wrapped up would also make a thoughtful gift.

1. Pretty Nail Polish - Plus a little glitter

2. Luxuriously thick lotion - For hands, feet, and body. This one will have you feeling like the queen bee. 

3. Epsom salt - Add to a warm bath to reduce aches and pains and experience an overall reduction of tension. This packaging specificaly sites using them for a foot soak, but I soaked my whole body in a blend of warm water and salt. 

4. Candle - Turn the overhead lights off and let a candle be a muted source of brightness. I picked up this candle and immediately became obsessed. Most of the drugstore candles smelled overly feminine, like cheap perfume and cleaning products, but this had a cleaner, more masculine scent. 

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