Dino Daddy

My partner, X, loves dinosaurs. Like loves loves loves them. When we went to birthing class before Merle arrived, X spent most of the class drawing pictures of dinosaurs over the birthing diagrams. I was a bit annoyed at the time (nothing like a pissy pregnant lady), but a few years later I still cherish those drawings and make dinosaur related presents for X whenever I can (like this one). For Father's Day we made terrariums for his dinosaur figurines. It was a relatively simple and inexpensive process and something Merle could help make. I've listed a handful of supplies below, but these terrariums can be customized with whatever plants, real or fake, that you would like. There's also very little constrained on the container needed. I went to the local thrift store to pickup a terra cotta pot and baking pan (they fit the shape I was picturing mentally), but there are a lot of beautiful glass terrariums on the market now (I LOVE this one). This project would also be great decor with the absence of dinosaurs (shhh, don't tell X), although if you're into fairies or another type of animal this could be a home for all sorts on creatures. If you make your own, don't forget to share photos using of of the social media links on the right.



Succulent soil (or mixture of half regular soil, half perlite - it improves drainage)

Small stones to line the bottom of the container to prevent the succulent roots from sitting in water

Succulents or other plants - I also added mini spider plants for added height

Moss and/or rocks - These are used to cover the soil to both lock in moisture and protect the dinosaurs from getting dirty

Have a great weekend!!

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