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I've always been a big reader, preferring to curl up with a good book instead of being out in the world. Life as a mommy has significantly reduced the time available to read (definitely worth it though!), so I tend to read blogs and articles more often than novels. Here's my daily reading list. What blogs do you read frequently?

A Beautiful Mess - The most recent addition to my reading list. Two tell-it-like-it-is sisters offer plenty of DIYs.

cotton & curls - Dream about making your own clothes? This blog is for you. It features simple sewing tutorials for fashionable (REALLY!) clothes. 

cupcakes & cashmere - I've been obsessed with this blog since college (thanks Liz!). Posts feature a mix of fashion, food, and design by a thirty-something women living in LA. Over the years, her popularity has led to several fashion label collaborations as well as a book deal. 

Cup of Jo - Another blog I've been obsessed with since college. This lifestyle blog covers just about every topic from motherhood to healthy living to girl talk (sex, relationships, etc). The NYC based author is down to earth and makes you feel like you're her BFF. She's written posts for Martha Stewart, Conde Nast, and more.

DailySkimm - A brief daily newsletter summarizing the biggest news stories. The pithy language makes it a better (and less depressing) read than combing through regular news sources. 

The Fresh Exchange - This blog offers an honest and heart-felt depiction of what it's like being a creative, small business owner, and homebody with a bout of wanderlust. Basically the author is my idol :) Originally based in Michigan, the authors of the blog have relocated to Raleigh, NC.

Glitterary - Chicago-based fashionista who doesn't take herself too seriously.

Little Chef Big Appetite - I met this LA-based blogger during sorority rush way back when and I still have a girl crush on her :) Her recipes are healthy, simple,  always turn out perfectly, and most importantly, DELICIOUS. 

oh joy! - An LA based graphic designer who talks about work, motherhood, and the LA food scene.

Peace Love Shea - Fashion inspiration to the extreme. California girl meets NYC fashionista.

say yes! - This blog's tagline "Three cheers for stylish living" says it all. Whether you're into making crafts, being fashionable on a budget, or seeking tips on how to be a better parent, this San Francisco based blog has it all.

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