Buzzing with Inspiration

Last week when I went on a rant about saving bees from colony collapse disorder, the post I actually meant to write was about all the bee themed products and food I've been loving lately. Whoops! Well at least now you have the full picture of how my obsession started. These little insects are small but mighty, making a huge impact on the plant world around us and on our own diets. In addition to their productive value, bees are beautiful with their delicate wings, subtle striping, and powerful stinger. Plus the perfect symmetry of their honeycombs is one of nature's marvels.

1. Philips Urban Beehive - This device would allow apartment dwellers to keep a beehive inside an apartment. Pretty please make this a reality?

2. Jayson Home Honeycomb Brass Bowl - Elegant geometry

3. Honey Comes From Bees Wooden Toy Set - This toy helps little one learn about the lifecycle of bees and where honey comes from

4. Honeycomb shelves made from cardboard - When we get a house, these will be a must have.

5. Bee Embrodiery Kit - I could see this on table linens and on sweatshirt elbow sleeves

6. Honeycomb wall decals as seen on Refinery 29

For more bee inspired items and recipes, check out my Buzz Buzz Buzz Pintrest board

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