Snack Skewers

Hearty party food can be messy, but swapping rolls and bowls for skewers, can make even the messiest food easy to eat. I have a habit of spilling just about anything headed towards my mouth at parties, especially when it comes to main course dishes like (veggie) meatball sandwiches and pasta. I end up either eating the food while talking to guests and having a cascade of sauces fall down the front of my outfit or not eating at all to avoid embarrassing spills. Snacking on appetizers like crudités is usually spill proof, but not particularly filling. Luckily, the trend of making party food easier to eat by putting it on a stick isn't limited to cake pops or grilled meat skewers.

For Merle's birthday party, we had a few skewered options: tortellini with marinara dipping sauce, tomato and fresh mozzarella with pesto, and individual meatballs on mini forks. The tortellini and meatballs were cooked normally, allowed to cool to the touch, and then skewered.

The possibilities are endless (think meatball subs, melon and prosciutto, and chocolate drizzled fruit). You can also experiment with skewer options like rosemary stems, sugar cane, and party themed toppers (use paper punches and doubled sided tape to make your own). Check out my party Pintrest page for more food on a stick ideas. 

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