DIY Tulle Skirts

When I was really young, my mom sewed my sister and I (and my BFF/neighbor/pretend big sister) matching outfits for just about every holiday. As we got older, the handmade outfits stopped, making the photos of our matching Christmas vests and poofy Easter dresses all the more special. It was my love of these mom-made treasures that had me asking Santa for a sewing machine this year. Merle's birthday party was the first big celebration since then, so I was inspired to make us something over the top, namely matching tulle skirts. We tend to avoid dressing Merle in girly clothes, but every once in awhile an indulgence feminine textures and detailing is ok :)

I mostly based the creations on my mind's eye vision of what I wanted the skirts to look like, but checking out tutorials like this one over at Cotton & Curls before getting started was helpful. I added a couple of extra layers of tulle to make the skirt really full (6-7 layers of tulle) using this flexible tulle. I also made the lining a bit shorter to have a few inches of  uninstructed tulle visibility (I used this soft, yet expensive lining). Another must have addition for Merle (and for me!) was an extra strip of lining fabric (or wide ribbon) to cover the elastic band to prevent any skin irritation. It was my first time working with tulle and I didn't realize what a pain it would be working with the meshed fabric. It slides all over the place and working with navy tulle on navy carpet was a bad idea. The most helpful tool in working with tulle (lolz) were drafting dots to hold it in place when cutting the half folded skirts. Cheap stickers would work just as well. On second thought, the most helpful thing to this project is patience, but that holds true for most sewing.  Making the skirts was relatively straightforward, but allowing sufficient time to work on the project is a must. Oh yea, I forgot to mention cost! Both skirts cost less than $20 total to make. 

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