Birthday Sneak Peek

This weekend was Merle's second birthday party. The forecast was for rain, so we kept all the party supplies indoors (sad for a garden tea party theme), BUT the rain held off most of the day. Merle spent hours gleefully running around in the grass with family and friends, making me one happy mommy. It's amazing to watch how much she's grown in the past two years. I could gush about her all day :D

The party was filled with fun DIY projects, so this week's posts will focus on party prep. Here's a sneak peek of the party.

I made matching tulle skirts for Merle and I.

A hand-me-down tricycle was one of Mer's favorite gifts.

Plus a cute pic from Mother's Day :)


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    1. Thanks Rachel! Loved your Mother's Day post. I see where you learned your kitchen magic from :D