The Secret to Great Iced Coffee Is...

This is probably not news to coffee afficiendos, but the secret to great iced coffee is cold water. Yes, cold water. That's it. Brewing coffee with cold water prevents the bitter aftertaste that is created when coffee is brewed at a high temperature and then cooled down quickly. If you want to know the specifics, heating coffee beans releases fatty acids and bitter oils, such as ketones, amids, and esters. It takes quite a bit longer and requires more grounds, but cold brewed coffee is well worth the wait once you taste it's smooth deliciousness. I use about double the amount of grounds per serving and give it at least 24 hours to brew. Tools like a French press are helpful with the process, but aren't necessary. You could brew the coffee in a recycled milk jug and strain it by attaching a coffee filter to the top of the container with a rubber band. After the brewing process is complete, I like to pour a cup over ice (like these fun ones) and stir in coconut milk. Ghee or butter is another creamy, tasty addition to coffee. 

P.S. My favorite cups for toting around drinks, hot or cold, are Tervis tumblers with travel lids.

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