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When I first inherited a set of large cookie tins, I envisioned turning them into toddler sized stools by sewing fluffy cushions that wrapped tightly around the lids with elastic. With all the other sewing projects I have been working on, I needed to simplify this one a bit more to get it done. Enter duck tape. The strong tape replaces the need for sewing. Duck tape also comes in a lot of fun prints, so if you have it on hand, this would be a great application of the more spirited varieties. Another quick fix in this project is using a grocery bag stuffed with bean bag filling to pad the cushion instead of sewing a lining. Yes this project is full of basic household items. In fact, I didn't spend a dime on this project. I used leftover spray paint to recolor the tins, fabric scraps from the last reupholstery project, reclaimed bean bag filling, duck tape and a plastic grocery bag. The project was also simple enough that Merle was able to help, which of course she loved. After everything was cleaned up, we filled the tin with Merle's overflowing baby doll assecories collection and she was delighted to have a new seat for tea parties. 

The basic outline of the project is below and here are the supplies you'll need:

-Large cookie tin
-spray paint (this is the one I used)
-plastic grocery bag
-something to fill the cushion (bean bag filling, poly fil, etc)
-scrap fabric (or old tshirt)
-duct tape (I used the plain stuff, but how fun would comic book tape be?!)

Before and after spray paint

Bean bag filling inside a grocery bag makes a cushion

Lay it upsidedown on the fabric

Hold the edges of what is not being taped using a magnet

The ugly tape job. Trim any excessive fabric as you go, before taping. Note Merle's "scissors" in the background (a wooden spoon).

Make it stronger (and prettier) by laying down even strips of tape

The finished product

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