Vegan Comfort Food

Vegan food has a bad rap for being bland  and flavorless, but you can recreate just about any dish. To prove it, I'll share two of my favorite vegan comfort food recipes: creamy macaroni and cheese and bacon. As my partner can attest, I make this several times a month, because I just can't get enough of the tasty combo. Plus the mac and cheese has plenty of nutritional yeast which is one of my must have super foods. Whether you're dipping your taste buds into vegan waters for the first time or a seasoned vegan eater, you won't be disappointed with this meal.

Making the cheesy sauce....

Adding some magic, nutritional yeast that is...

The mac and cheese is ready and waiting for a friend

The raw tempeh before it enters a new chapter in its life as bacon.

Makin' bacon! Liquid smoke is the key ingredient here. 

Frying it up

A busy kitchen...

The completed product: creamy vegan mac and cheese with vegan bacon crumbles. YUM!!

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