Dinosaur Planters

My partner has a bit of a dinosaur obsession, so every holiday I'm challenged with finding a new dino themed gift. I come across a T-rex succulent planter at Uncommon Goods and I thought I found the perfect present. That was until I saw the price tag ($50). Yikes! But I couldn't stop thinking about how much he would love it, so I came up with a much cheaper DIY version. It took a little extra elbow grease, but the result was exactly what I was hoping for. Here's how I did it.


-Plastic Dinosaur (The cheaper the better; also make sure it's hollow)
-Sharpie Marker
-Electric Drill
-Garden shears
-Rust-Oleum Spray Paint
-Potting soil
-Succulent of choice

Set the dinosaur on a hard working surface or skid proof cutting board. Visualize where you would like the hole for the plant on the dinosaur and then trace the outline of the circle using a Sharpie. The important thing to think about when choosing the hole's position is to place it at the center of gravity (which for some is the middle of the body and for some it's closer to the tail -- it's shifted toward where the dino is most massive). While holding the dino firmly in place, drill a series of holes on the edges of the outline *.  Then begin drilling into the center of the circle.

Once you have all of your holes drilled like in the diagram above, cut out the remaining bits of plastic btween the holes until you have one large circular opening. If you desire, sand the edges of the opening. I decided not to, mostly because I was in a rush to get it down during nap time, but I think it looks fine without doing so. Either way, wipe the dinosaur clean with a damp papertowel or baby wipe afterwards. Relocate to a well ventilated area like the garage (with the door open) or driveway and spread out a few layers of newspaper. With even strokes, spray paint the entire surface of the dinosaur. Allow the paint to dry before flipping it over to spray the underside and feet.  Depending on the paint you use, you may need to do a second coat. Once the dino is completely dry, fill it with a small amount of potting soil and the succulent. And viola a chic dino planter for only a few bucks! 

* Make sure to not drill too close to where you are holding :D

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