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We're on vacation this week, which has been heaven. I really needed the time away and getting to swim every day helps bring my mind back to center. It's also been so much fun watching Merle play in the water and the sand. The last time we went to the beach, she was much younger, but now she can really experience all of it. The only down side in going on vacation is the traveling part. It's tough to keep Merle content in the car seat for extended periods of time and I get motion sickness, so I get bored quickly too. 

If I could read books on long trips, I would, but I get motion sickness on planes, trains, and cars unless I look straight ahead (and sometimes even then I still get sick). Music works as a substitute for short trips, but with long trips, I get annoyed by having to either listen to the same music over and over again or fiddling with the radio trying to  find stations with each passing city. Audiobooks keep me as engaged as reading a book would, but allows me to look straight ahead. They also tend to be really long, about 13 hours or so. As an added bonus, you can enjoy audiobooks as a group. 

You can buy audiobooks in all the usual places you can buy books like bookstores, iTunes, etc. Some libraries also have audiobooks and the one where I grew up even has ones available for instant download from their website (Chester County Library System). For this trip I used which is owned by Amazon. Right now when you sign up for a one month free trial, you can get one free book, plus discounts on additional books. They have an easy to use app, which gives them extra points in my book. Vampire romance novels are my guilty pleasure so I started the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward, which meets all my ideal vacation entertainment needs. Pretty much every book you can think of comes in audiobook format though. 

With snacks and a good (audio)book, traveling can be almost enjoyable. Later this week I'll talk about I keep Merle occupied, which is definitely the more difficult task. 

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