On Being Inspired

I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm creative, but I think I'm easily inspired. This allows me to see past what is and to look to what could be. Creativity is a gift, but inspiration is just about knowing the right places to look; it's more of a learned skill. I constantly find myself seeking new infusions of ideas about food, fashion, and design. Here are a few of my favorite places to go online when I want to be inspired.


This site allows you to create collages of outfits using thousands of clothing items already uploaded to the system or by adding your own images. You can also add in text, accessories , make up, and cutouts from magazines. They send regular email updates on the latest fashion and beauty trends to keep the inspiration flowing, but you can also scroll through the millions of Polyvore pages other users have created.


Shortly after I last talked about Gojee, they completely revamped their brand and I was not having it. They went from being a food porn recommendation site, to hauking fine undergarments. What?! Upon further inspection, I've realized it's still the same old Gojee that helps you narrow down what you're craving, except now they provide that same service for food, clothing, jewelry, and home decor. You tell them your likes and dislikes (or allergies) and what you currently have in your fridge (or closet), and they help you find something to make with this information. You can favorite recipes or products and it creates a board that you can quickly access. The website is insanely difficult to navigate, but I always use it on the iPhone app, which is a much simpler design.


An oldie but a goodie. I read about Pintrest years ago on one of my favorite blogs, but I was resistant to try it. The concept is to have a virtual pin board with all the things that inspire you. I liked having actual magazine clippings and paper prints of things, so I didn't want to lose my tactile sources of inspiration to a computer screen (I still read books in printed form too). A cool girl I worked with convinced me to try it and boy is it addicting. What I love about it is that the experience of using it is just as serendipitous as finding inspiration in magazines or out in the world, but the extent of the reach across so many different platforms and sources of information is incredible. If you're still holding out, take the plunge and sign up.


Blogs are great because they feel like more authentic sources of opinions. I read several daily, which allows me to feel like I really connect with the author through their consistent voice. A few of my favorites include Cupcakes and Cashmere, Cup of Jo, oh Joy!, Peace. Love. Shea, and Glitterary. Pintrest posts are usually linked to blogs, so if you find one you love, bookmark it to check it out more frequently for new sources of inspiration (Hint: If you like MakingMe, add us to the bookmark bar or on Facebook, Twitter, or Pintrest or all of the above :D)

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