Dumplings of Love

Vegetable dumplings fried in coconut oil make a hot and crunchy addition to salad. 

Dumplings. Nearly every cuisine has a version featuring a flavorful filling wrapped in dough. There's perogies, raviolis, samosas, spanakopita, empanadas, and the list goes on. They are equally delicious in my book, but often get a bad rap for being difficult to make. To be honest, they are time consuming to make, but every so often, it’s worth the effort. This weekend I took an afternoon to make four dozen vegetable dumplings. With Merle running around, I needed the process to be as easy as possible. The biggest time saver was using store bought dumpling wrappers I found in the produce section (with the tofu). The production process was made a lot easier by using a food processor to chop up the vegetables (I used napa cabbage, kale, asparagus, green onion, and garlic plus tofu). That made rolling them up the hardest part and it was secretly fun! Most of the dumplings ended up in the freezer, but a saved about a dozen to eat this week. The time and effort was definitely worth it once one of these puppies hit my mouth. Yum! Treat yourself to the taste of homemade dumplings (or perogies or raviolis or samosas or spanakopita or empanadas) by taking a little extra time in the kitchen once in awhile. It’s worth it :)

Steamed dumplings are a star in vegetable soup.

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