Am I Cool Enough For Warby Parker?

I'm in the market for new glasses. The last time I got glasses was in college when I went to America's Best. They had a promotion going on for two sets of frames for $60. I thought was a great deal, except with all the fine print, my total ended up being over $300. It turns out lenses weren't included and neither was the coating essential for computer glare. The "deal" was really a bait and switch. This time I'm going with Warby Parker, a company started by fellow Penn grads, that sells complete glasses (lenses, frames, coatings) for $95. It the savings weren't enough, they also donate a pair to someone in need for every pair purchased. The also have a major cool factor and created the glasses for Clark Kent in the newest Superman movie. Nice! For me the best pair is the FREE home trial program where they ship you whatever five frames you want to try. You have five days (one for each pair) to wear the glasses and get feedback from others. At the end you ship them back with their prepaid shipping label, order the ones you want (or not) and they put in your perscription. It's a painless process, even if you're as indecisive as me. Which one is your favorite look? 

[Side note: It's so hard to try to photograph yourself in a mirror with glasses on!]

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