Ode To A Good Book

I love reading. From the time I learned how to read, I saw books as an escape and began devouring them. Yes that's right. I don't just enjoy reading books. I consume them, crawl into them, and make my home in them. A good book allows me to experience life through a new lens in unknown worlds. After reading one, I flop in bed, hit with the exhaustion of living another life. Days later, when my psyche becomes singular again, I am able to reflect on what the book shows me about my own life.

This is the goal of movies; to create a immersive experience that draws you into the plot. Movies have imagery and sound and scale to help with their work, but for me, a good movie is just a good movie. It leaves me as soon as the screen goes blank. But my life is full of a cast of book characters that have never left my mind.

I went to see a movie this weekend and I was struck by how my partner wanted to continue reliving the film by reading IMbD and watching trailers and clips. I couldn't understand why he wanted to keep it going, until it dawned on me that I do the same thing with books. I have different methods, but the intent is the same. Which are you? A book person or a movie person? Both?

For the readers out there, might I make a suggestion? I just finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and it was incredible. It's about a couple and their relationship with the chapters alternating between the wife's perspective and the husband's perspective. There are so many twists and turns and it's an ideal book for those of us who are drawn tormented to relationships. I highly recommend it!

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