Fabulous Food Under $50

This week I lucked out and hit a few great sales on groceries to stay under my weekly $50 food budget. When planning meals for the week, I always check out what's on sale first to see if there are any can't miss deals. Then I build the rest of the grocery list surrounding those items. The best deals I found on FreshDirect this week were cherries for only $3.99(!!!!) per pound and Barilla pasta boxes five for $4.

This week I made banana popsicles for breakfast. 
17.6 oz Fage Total: $2.99
Kashi GoLean cereal: $2.99
7 Organic Bananas ($.69/lb):  $1.93

This week I did an assortment of snacks for lunch instead of one main entree. 
2 x 16oz Cottage Cheese: $5.18
Wasa Multigrain Crisps: $2.49
Cherries (On sale for $3.99/lb instead of the usual $7.99/lb): $6.78
Walnut Halves: $3.59

For three nights I made vegan macaroni and cheese, curry tofu, and homemade kale chips. Most of the ingredients for this are pantry staples in our apartment  (broth, spices, and nutritional yeast). 
Macaroni pasta (On sale 5/$4): $.80
32oz Plain Soy milk: $1.79
2x Bunch of Kale (On sale 2/$3): $3
NaSoya Organic Extra Firm Tofu: $2.59

For two nights I made pesto spaghetti with tomatoes and zucchini. 
Whole Wheat Spaghetti (On sale 5/$4): $.80
1 Zucchini: $.60 
Pint of Cherry Tomatoes: $1.99
Pesto Sauce: $4.69
That's a total of $42.28 for the week! I'm going to use the savings to buy myself an iced coffee while we're out and about this weekend. I'm hoping this heat wave passes soon.

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