Event Anxiety

It has been an exhausting week and I am ready for the weekend. Merle's first birthday party is on Saturday, which means I finally get to enjoy the benefits of all the early planning I did. Too bad no matter how early I start planning for events like these, I somehow manage to work myself into a tizzy right before the event begins. I'm going to try to take it easy this time and just let the party happen without trying to control every single detail. We will see how that goes.

Instead of reading what my mental ramblings are in the days leading up to a big event, I thought it would be better to share some writing I did when my mind was less muddled. Last week I listened to Neil Blumenthal share the story of Warby Parker's founding and wrote about what he said for the Wharton Entrepreneurship. You can read it here: http://beacon.wharton.upenn.edu/entrepreneurship/2013/05/neil-blumenthal-shares-the-warby-parker-story/.

Have a great weekend.

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