Shopping for a One Year Old

With Merle’s first birthday just around the corner, I have been in full-blown party planning mode. Merle certainly won’t remember the party, but I will be taking plenty of photos to document the event for her see in the future. Some things she may remember are the gifts that will stick around long after the party. What do you get a one year old anyway? Clothes are almost always a good idea, but here are a few of my gift giving suggestions when shopping for a little one:

Little chefs in training love pretending to cut up these wooden veggies from The Land of Nod

Imitation Play Toys
Growing toddlers love to learn and play by mimicking the actions of others. Pick out toys that can help them play like a big kid. Merle especially loves talking on the phone and pretending to cook like her mama.

Little Pim offers an easy and fun way for children to learn new languages.

Language Learning Tools
We are never more capable of learning a new language than when we are infants. That’s why it is an ideal time to expose your little one to new languages by reading books or watching short movies in a language other than your own. Merle’s dad and I can speak and read to her in Mandarin and German, but we rely on DVDs and multi-lingual toys to expose her to other languages such as Spanish and French.

A classic toy from Fisher-Price for toddlers. 

Little People
Toddlers love these things. The figurines are perfectly sized for tiny hands and come in dozens of characters for whatever your little one is in to from princesses to policemen.

This set of blocks from The Land of Nod provides multiple layers of fun and learning, 

Allow your little prince or princess to explore their creative side by building the castle of their dreams. Tearing them down is just as much fun as building them.

With this adorable plate from Lima Bean Kids you can choose the hair and skin color of the mermaid, plus add a name or initials in the font of your choice. 

Personalized Plates and Bowls
Solid foods are becoming a bigger and bigger portion of a one year olds diet. Celebrate their transition to grown up food by giving them their own plates and bowls to eat from. Plus how stinking cute are these?!

Create a custom book for your tot with Pint Size Productions

Homemade Book
Have a lullaby or story you created especially for your little one? Never forget it by having it printing in a custom book. If you want it to be completely custom, it takes some time to create the book, but it is definitely worth it. I have spent about a month creating illustrations for a book based on a lullaby I came up with for Merle when she was a newborn. This site is quickly and easily turns your designs into a board book. 

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